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Please note that, content not served by this site, but embedded from reddit, as a reddit feed! (No pictures hosted on this site!) If you want to remove any content from the site (thus it hosted from reddit, so moreover you have to ask reddit to remove the original source!) please comment below with the category/model with an email address, and your content will be removed as per as your request!

As the decision of EU court, embedding images can’t evaluate as copyright infringement (case reference: ). Furthermore we are always ready to remove the link to the original source (hence we are publicly announce that the rights and content don’t belong to us.

11 thoughts on “DMCA – Content remove Policy

  1. Please remove this link:
    This is of myself and my wife and is used without our permission. Let my name below act as my digital signature and testify to the truthfulness of this statement. Please remove ASAP this link and any other content by the user name wannaeatcum or wannaeatcum1. And any links through search engines using my content. If you have questions or need to clarify how to get these items removed please contact me with one of the contact options below.
    Jeffery Estabrook

  2. Dear Sir or Madam:

    I, the undersigned, state under penalty of perjury that: Cam Model Protection represents Katherine D. Gonzalez (hereinafter, “Our Client”) in intellectual property and litigation matters. Our Client has recently learned that the content at the following URL(s) (hereinafter, “Listed URL(s)”) is hosted and/or shared through your service, and the URL(s) are distributing materials that violate copyright laws, and/or contributes to and induces copyright infringement:
    The content that is hosted and/or shared through your service illegally is premium content that is created and copyrighted by our client. You can find the original content at our client’s official website here:

    This unauthorized distribution constitutes copyright infringement under the U.S. Copyright Act. Pursuant to 17 U.S.C. 512(c), including other International Copyright Laws. This letter serves as actual notice of infringement. We hereby demand you to immediately and permanently cease and desist the unauthorized distribution of the copyrighted material located at the Listed URLs.

    We will use all means possible including injunctions and recovery of attorney’s fees, costs and any and all other damages which are incurred by Our Client as a result of any action that is commenced against you. Our Client prefers to resolve this matter without taking legal action, but it is prepared to file a lawsuit if necessary to protect its rights and business. You may avoid legal action by removing the infringing content from your service immediately.

    We have a good faith basis that the content at the Listed URL(s) is an infringement of Our Client’s rights under copyright law, including but not limited to the DMCA, and that the infringing content is authorized by neither Our Client nor the law.

    Our Client requests that you immediately take down the web content located at the Listed URL(s).

    Finally, the information in this notice is accurate. If you have any questions, please contact me at the email address or phone number listed below.

    Bruce Wyatt
    IP Law Attorney
    International Anti-Piracy Operations
    Cam Model Protection B.V.
    Jagerserf 7
    3851SM Ermelo
    The Netherlands
    Phone: +31(0)85.303.1197

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